I Love the Body of Christ

I Love the Body of Christ

Tonight’s post comes after a conversation with one of my sisters in Christ.  I don’t know how we ended up on this particular subject, but we’ve discussed it in the past.  We’re used to it!  She knows how passionate I am about “LOVING ON THE BODY OF CHRIST.”

No, the Body of Christ (speaking of the collective group of Christians) is not perfect, but that’s okay.  God still LOVES us.  And therefore, WE SHOULD LOVE US!  We should LOVE one another as He instructs us to do.  We should NEVER publicly put our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ down, even if ‘we’ don’t agree with what they’re preaching.  The world is doing a fantastic job at putting Christians down, do we really need to join them?

Like I told my friend, I think that oftentimes it’s a pride issue.  It’s someone saying, “I know more about that subject than you do.”  “I know more about the Bible than you do.”  “I know ‘the right’ way to do something.  You don’t.”  Pride goes before a fall.  Oftentimes, it’s envy.  Sometimes when people don’t have certain things or haven’t reached a desired status, they find it easy to spend time chopping away at other people.  Oftentimes, it’s hurt. Hurt people, sometimes without knowing it, sow strife and discord. They don’t recognize that hurt is seeping out of them.

I will always remember someone saying to me that if you’ll look closely, a lot of the people spending time and energy dissecting  and criticizing churches, are those who don’t see any growth in their own church.  They don’t have any proof.

Shouldn’t we have so many great things happening in our church (where we are members) that we are blinded to what we feel someone else is doing wrong?

A final thought…  well, two.  First, I LOVE THE BODY OF CHRIST.  I LOVE BEING A CHRISTIAN AND A PART OF GOD’S HOLY GHOST GANG!  I LOVE IT! I want to build it up, not spend a single breath tearing it down.  I want every person in the world saved and a member of Christ’s body. So again, we’re not perfect, but that is alright.

Secondly, if I don’t agree with a minister, whether it’s their stance on an issue and/or something they preach in their pulpit, I’m not going to get on any form of media outlet, especially social media where hurt and pain is expressed in abundance, and give ‘my opinion.’  I will not lend to the devil’s plan to separate us.   Besides, as my Bishop says, opinions are like butts, everybody has one.



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